Introducing UltraMSK

Welcome to UltraMSK. UltraMSK is a VLF radio receiver suitable for use in scientific research applications involving the remote sensing of the ionosphere or magnetosphere. UltraMSK measures both the phase and amplitude of MSK or CW/OOK modulated narrowband VLF radio signals. UltraMSK is implemented in software and runs on standard PC hardware.


MSK modulation
  • Measures both signal amplitude and phase
  • Receives both 100 and 200 baud MSK signals
  • Receive multiple stations simultaneously at arbitrary recording time resolutions
  • Text and binary formatted data output options. Easily imported into other applications. Easily compressed for efficient archiving
  • Uses standard PC audio hardware
  • Minimal custom hardware required. Can use your existing VLF antenna infrastructure and GPS receiver
  • Runs on Linux for easy remote operation and administration over the internet

Sample UltraMSK data can be viewed in the Gallery.

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